We are San Miguel Foundation

Founded in 1972, San Miguel Foundation has extensive experience in development work, backed by a team of CSR specialists with expertise in mass communication, business, administration, social work, development studies, and social entrepreneurship.

addressing social change is a natural extension of what we do

We’re committed to collaborating with the various SMC business units to continuously do good within their own ecosystems.

We live and breathe malasakit by solving social problems, serving others and helping communities.

We will work on the following focus areas:

  • community
  • environment
  • capacity building

what we’ve learned

If people have more skin in the game, they will invest in their future.

Ultimately, dependence diminishes, and labels limit the way we appreciate people and problems.

Our communities don’t want handouts.

They want to solve their own problems, they want to make their own choices.

As people gain income, they gain options.

Bringing an end to poverty enriches everyone.

When we see that we’ve helped build communities where values and citizenship and participation matter

where people can hope for a better life and be self-propelled to seek it.

this is what success looks like

do good better

What it means to us

Doing more with less

Making every centavo we spend count

Understanding the needs of a community before prescribing a solution

Holding everyone accountable: both ourselves and our communities