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As one of the Philippines’ largest conglomerates, we’ve long since realized that our businesses can have a great impact on social issues.

With so many now turning to the private sector for leadership, effective services and bold thinking, we believe in providing solutions that make business sense and deliver social good at the same time.

Call it shared value or corporate social responsibility—but the idea that our competitiveness and the vitality of our communities rely heavily on each other, is one that has taken root in every corner of our organization.

It’s evident in how we’ve approached expansion. Rather than take the easy road to profit, we continue to devote much effort and resources into ventures that afford us greater long-term opportunities and address issues hindering our country’s growth.

It’s clear too, in our approach to social development. Our thrust has always been to go beyond mere giving, and instead, find sustainable ways to enable marginalized sectors to participate in, and contribute to growth.

This is the philosophy behind our new slogan, “Your World Made Better,” which in essence, is driven by one of the values we have long since adopted: malasakit.