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San Miguel Corporation CSR

More than a slogan, it's a calling to our better selves. It's what animates us, a credo rooted in hope and action.

As a company, San Miguel Corporation invests in social projects not only because it makes good business sense, but because we believe the private sector needs to do its part. If the cities and communities we serve are thriving, San Miguel will thrive too.

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San Miguel Corporation CSR

Environmental Stewardship

As most of our operations depend on natural resources, we share in the responsibility for environmental protection and sustainable development. We have conducted coastal and creek clean-ups, as well as the planting of tree seedlings, around the country, particularly in our various host communities.

Community Development

Our community development programs aim to help leaders in our host communities recognize and develop their full potential. Through leadership and resource management training programs, community leaders are aided in improving the quality of their local government and reaching strong community life.


Education is a means by which our countrymen can lead more productive lives and contribute to their families and society. We have in place scholarship programs with opportunities to work in our businesses in the future for deserving students, and other educational initiatives such as the building of classrooms to help improve students' literacy and proficiency.


Our company aims to address the country's problem of inequity in access to basic healthcare services and proper nutrition through programs that cater to residents of our host communities. Aside from feeding programs for children, we also have community clinics that serve patients suffering from various ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis and other cardiovascular diseases, and hold medical missions that give free medical and dental health services.

Livelihood Development

To generate livelihood among families and communities, we promote entrepreneurship by encouraging them to engage in small but innovative businesses. Among the livelihood projects we have implemented is Kawang-gawa, a cooking demo and livelihood training initiative.

Disaster Management

The Philippines has long been prone to natural disasters, which in recent years have become more and more destructive, affecting tens of thousands of lives and causing billions in economic damage. Through all of these calamities, we stand committed to immediate response and action; last 2012, almost a quarter of our CSR spending went to helping more than 75,000 families affected by calamities through relief goods, soup kitchens and socialized housing.


In carrying out the company's commitment to be a catalyst for change in the country, our employees volunteer their time for our various community service activities. We engage our employees in these worthwhile causes, so that in their own small way, they too can contribute to a better Philippines.