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Sepultura coming to Manila for Red Horse Muziklaban

November 27, 2008

Move over pop idols, the biggest rock event of the year is set to “arise”.

On Saturday, November 29, Sepultura, one of the biggest heavy metal acts in the world, will be coming to Manila to headline the grand finals of the 10th Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge in Marikina Sports Complex.

The four-piece metal ensemble, which was a major force in the death and thrash metal scene in the 90s, and gave legions of fans all over the world immortal metal anthems like “Arise”, “Dead Embryonic Cells”, “Roots”, “Chaos A.D.” and “Territory”, will be performing for local fans for the first time.

“It is, undoubtedly, the biggest rock event of the year,” says San Miguel Brewery Inc. Group Product Manager Affie Carpio. “When it comes to influence and following, Sepultura is right up there with Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. Many of today’s most popular local and foreign metal acts have been influenced by Sepultura. They also remain one of the most ‘covered’ by aspiring metal bands.”

For some time now, local music fans and the blogosphere have been abuzz with rumors of Sepultura’s arrival.

The band, composed of guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr., vocalist Derrick Green and drummer Jean Dolabella, have sold over 15 million records to date, including the critically-acclaimed albums “Arise” (1991), “Chaos AD” (1993), and “Roots” (1995).

Despite its genre having underground roots, Sepultura has achieved incredible commercial success. Formed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1984, the band has gained multiple gold and platinum records across the globe. The mere mention of its name commands respect and reverence among fans.

“For the past 10 years, Red Horse Muziklaban has strived to be at the forefront of the amateur rock scene. Every year, we’ve tried to make it bigger and better. This year, we wanted to give fans of Red Horse beer and rock music a special treat—a major, world-class heavy metal band,” adds Carpio.

As Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge marks its 10th year, it is pulling out all the stops. Aside from the grand prize of P1 million—the biggest in the history of Pinoy rock–and a guaranteed recording contract, it will celebrate with one of the biggest metal acts of all time: Sepultura.

Back in the 1999, when the 90s band explosion that gave birth to such groups as The Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Wolfgang, Razorback, P.O.T. and Parokya ni Edgar was coming to a climax, Red Horse debuted the amateur rock contest “Red Hot Muziklaban”.

At that time, band fever was alive and well in the grassroots level. But it was facing a major problem. With so many bands battling for exposure and prominence, it was becoming more difficult to break out of the mold.

As fate would have it, the dominant strong beer brand was looking to expand its traditionally older customer base. A re-invention was in order.

The marriage of rock and Red Horse Beer was an instant hit. While in previous years, amateur bands would pay to play at obscure, often low-budget school- or barangay-based competitions that gave only little playing time and exposure, Red Horse Muziklaban paved the way for the big time.

Professionally staged and properly backed by the brand, it gave fledgling bands a nation-wide audience and the chance to win a substantial cash prize and the motherload of all prizes—a recording contract.

In no time at all, Muziklaban has evolved into the biggest and farthest-reaching amateur rock competition in the country.