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For San Miguel, every day is morning in the Philippines. The country’s biggest cheerleader and the Filipino’s partner in progress are one and the same. One of the Philippines’ most diversified conglomerates, San Miguel contributes 5% to the Philippines’ GDP through its highly integrated operations in beverages, food, oil refining, energy, power, and infrastructure.

In its long history, the company’s operations have always been strongly supportive of national development—in particular, the regional dispersal of industries and employment, providing livelihood and business opportunities in virtually every local community.

Today one of the nation’s largest employers with a workforce of over 17,000 in seven countries; for each job created within the San Miguel system, many thousands of additional jobs are created through suppliers, distributors, retailers and other business partners. The company’s recent scaling up and scaling out will mean involving a wider range of people in its growth.

“We are very proud of our heritage and our long history of being a part of our nation’s growth. Affirming these values is integral to who we are today, while at the same time we’re making sure that our business is fit for today’s competitive challenges,” says Ramon S. Ang, SMC President and Chief Operating Officer.