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SMC’s strong social responsibility commitment contributes to better employee retention, resulting in a considerable reduction in turnover and training costs. Employees normally remain working with the Corporation because of their feeling that SMC cares. Employee programs that help reduce absenteeism actually save the Corporation money as they encourage increased productivity. On the home front, programs that address employee welfare instill a sense of pride in the people for being part of the San Miguel Group.

Employee Relations

  • Sports and Recreation – The program aims to nurture camaraderie and unity among the employees through various sports activities, such as basketball, bowling, aerobics, street dancing, gym workout sessions, volleyball, etc. The Corporation tries to meet the employees’ varied sports preferences. There are also interest clubs being formed for enthusiasts of golf, running, taekwondo, etc.

  • Summer Outing – The Corporation provides a yearly venue for employees and management of each division to interact with one another’s families in an informal environment marked by fun and games.

  • Songfest – This is an annual nationwide search for employees who have exceptional talent for singing, a common trait among Filipinos.

  • Employee Service Awards – The annual recognition program honors employees for their years of service to the Corporation.

  • The monthly event allows employees to purchase various San Miguel products at discounted prices. The venue is the Head Office Complex, and employees from other SMC units and offices come to take advantage of the reasonable offers.

  • Christmas Tiangge – Employees are given the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by selling various products during the two-day event. It is held regularly at the Head Office Complex in November before the onset of the Christmas season to allow employees and their families and friends to purchase their Christmas presents early.

  • Health and Safety – The Corporation ensures that its employees work in a healthy and safe environment. The health of every employee is a main concern. SMC has an in-house clinic at the Head Office Complex to take care of employees’ medical needs. Each facility also has its own clinic. It is mandatory for employees to undergo an annual medical examination.

In case of emergency situations, such as SARS and dengue, a task force is created to respond to the immediate concern to protect the health of the employees.

Benefits Program

  • Employee Protection – Employees are entitled to sick leave benefits that will provide financial security even if they have lost the ability to earn in times of sickness or injury.

  • Time Off With Pay – Employees are also entitled to leave benefits that will allow for the continuity of their wage earnings even if they are on vacation or have to attend to emergency matters requiring their presence.

  • Health Care – The Corporation provides a comprehensive medical program for employees and their dependents to protect them against the financial burden that comes with illness or injury.

  • Flexible Loan Facilities – The Corporation offers an interest free loan facility that is tailored to address the various financial needs of the employees. Its flexibility lies in the loan purpose, amount, and guidelines.

  • Educational Program – This helps meet the financial requirements of employees who desire to pursue further studies. It includes loan facilities for the educational needs of employees’ dependents.

  • Rice and Clothing Allowances – The Corporation provides a monthly sack of rice to each rank-and-file employee. Employees also receive a clothing allowance for their proper work attire.

  • Insurance and Death Benefits – Financial assistance is extended to the bereaved family to help defray expenses incurred as a result of the demise of the employee or an immediate family member of an employee.

  • Retirement Benefits – The Corporation provides a noncontributory fund to assist the employee in preparing for a comfortable life even after retirement.

Employee Benefits Information

System (EBIS) – The Corporation uses a computerized system to facilitate on-line processing of employee benefi ts, such as statutory benefits, company loans, and separation benefi ts. This system also monitors the medical expenses and benefi ts that employees avail of.

Training and Development

Development has a two-pronged objective: to achieve corporate goals, and to realize individual employee career objectives. These objectives can be synchronized to propel both the organization and the individual to reach the highest level.

SMC upholds the principle of total development covering business/management skills, technical/functional skills, task and people orientation, values and attitudes. Corporate Human Resources is responsible for continuous learning in the Corporation. Managers have the major accountability for creating ongoing learning opportunities in their respective work units. Employees are also accountable for their own learning and initiative to learn.

SMC Training Infrastructure – Corporate Management Training is under Corporate Human Resources. Functional Schools are placed under the responsiblity of the respective functions/departments concerned. Core Technology Schools focus on SMC’s core technology. Synergy of all the Schools takes place through the SMC Training Council where all the Schools are represented. Corporate Training and Development assists the Functional Schools in curriculum and module design. Experts on the subject matters come from the respective functions.

Developmental Approaches – These cover formal education and on-the-job learning. Customized internal or external training programs demonstrate formal education on management/business, technical/functional skills, people management, and personal effectiveness. On-the-job learning comes through job transfers/cross-postings, special assignments, coaching/mentoring, memberships in professional organizations, and self-development.