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Quality Management is focused on continuous improvement and enhanced customer relations. The culture of quality has permeated the San Miguel organization for more than four decades now. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a business philosophy related to an organization’s management system that leads to a stronger competitive position, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

TQM started in San Miguel in the ‘60s with emphasis on productivity improvement. Two decades later, it evolved to focus on product quality and people involvement. This emphasized the need for a quality mindset for all employees and for them to be involved in ensuring high-quality products and services that delight and secure the loyalty of our customers. From the ‘90s up to the present, we have adopted TQM as a management system, underscoring the linkages of the various aspects of doing business, like leadership, planning, process and information management, human resources and customer focus to deliver the desired business results.

At present, the quest for continuous improvement continues as SMC remains committed to sustain business excellence and maintain its tradition as the “home of quality products and people”.

Customer Care Center

By setting up this Center, SMC re-affirms its responsibility to its customers. Advancements in information technology makes it possible for the Corporation to establish a more personal communication link with its customers. The integrated SMC Customer Care Center provides alternative channels for easy access and fast response to varying types of customer needs and requests.

The Center supports SMC’s businesses in strengthening customer relations, and indirectly market share as well. It is manned by a professional staff using superior technology and employing innovative solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and capture product loyalty. Walk-in customers who may prefer face-to-face interaction feel welcome amidst the Center’s warm atmosphere.

The Center’s call handling services take care of both inbound and outbound calls, providing information on the quality, pricing, distribution and availability of a product or service, while operating as a call center. It also handles order taking, telemarketing, sales campaign, promotion of new products, and customer satisfaction surveys. Electronic customer linkages come through e-mail, faxes and SMS (short message services).

The Center’s integrated setup makes it easy for SMC’s operating divisions to link up with it for their customer and product concerns.