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Community and Enterprise Development

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Community and Enterprise Development

Projects in the Community and Livelihood programs that are implemented in host communities of San Miguel plant facilities.

These are projects have active community involvement and are implemented with the objective of benefiting a larger number of people. This includes medical missions, community clinics, barangay strengthening and enterprise development.

  1. Enterprise Development: Provision of seed capital and training on entrepreneurial skills are the main features of this program. Assistance are given to organized groups in the plant’s neighboring communities. Seed capital are given on interest free loan and usually have a duration of one year. These community clinics address both common and specialized illnesses such as tuberculosis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The consultation and medicines are given free until patients are free from the illness as in the case of tuberculosis.

  2. Community Clinics: Community clinics were established in host communities, the operation of which is managed by the Foundation.

  3. Barangay Strengthening: through qualified resource speakers both from the public and private sector, selected barangay councils are given training on good governance which includes team building, capability building and resource generation. The objective of the training is for the barangay officials to know their respective roles and responsibilities and the rights of the council. The training also guide the barangay council to formulate a medium term barangay development plan for their area of jurisdiction.

  4. Medical Missions: Residents of host communities are given free consultation and medicines for common illnesses. These are often in partnership with the plant facilities and at times with the city/municipal health office.