San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc.

San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. offers a diverse array of food products spanning across the entire value chain ranging from B-Meg feeds and San Miguel Mills flour to Purefoods hotdogs, Magnolia chicken or Monterey ready-to-eat meat dishes. Pure Foods offers an unrivalled breadth of food products that can be consumed during any time of the day, providing a comprehensive food solution to its customers, thereby building greater brand loyalty and prestige.

Pure Foods’ portfolio of brands includes some of the most well-known food brands in the Philippines both across and within product categories. Many of Pure Foods’ brands enjoy first or second market positions in their respective categories. By catering to a wide set of customer segments with different needs and preferences, it has been able to consistently maintain its leadership position in the market.

The Food Group’s operations range from breeding, contract growing, processing and marketing of basic meats, to the manufacture of refrigerated, canned and ready-to-cook meat products, butter, cheese, margarine, ice cream, flour and flour-based products as well as animal and aquatic feeds.

Foremost among the Food Group’s partners is Hormel Foods Corporation.
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San Miguel Foods, Inc.
(Franchising Business)
Tel no.: (02) 702-JUAN (5826)

Purefoods-Hormel Company, Inc.
(On-premise Selling group)
Bibeth Fuentes

North Luzon and North GMA areas
Carissa Tecson

South GMA areas
Jay Llige

South Provincial Luzon and Vismin areas